Consult an ENT in Tucson for Ear Infections

Ear infections occur when viruses or bacteria infiltrate to the middle ear. Most adults won’t experience an ear infection unless they’re sick with a cold or the flu; rather, they are more common in children. However, even if you do develop one, it should go away on its own very quickly. If it doesn’t, then you should consider consulting a Tucson ENT doctor to see if there is something serious going on.

Some people experience chronic infections in their ears. This can cause a variety of problems since fluid will collect in the middle ear. You may start to lose your hearing or even start hearing sounds in your head known as tinnitus. tucson ent

There are various things that can cause ear infections. Most people develop them during cold and flu season in the fall and winter. People who suffer from allergies are also particularly at risk for ear infections. Any infection that occurs in the upper respiratory tract will increase your risk.

Ear infections in adults cause a range of symptoms. Besides the aforementioned tinnitus and hearing loss, you may also experience pain in the affected ear. You may also have a sore throat and drain fluids from the ear. on the other hand, children usually develop a fever, lose their appetite, and appear very irritable. Like adults, they also experience pain in the ear and may have trouble sleeping at night.

In most cases, an infection that occurs in the ear will go away on its own without any intervention from you. However, this isn’t always the case. There are times when you’ll need to visit a doctor to see if there is a serious problem. Symptoms of an ear infection typically don’t last more than 24 to 48 hours. If you experience symptoms for longer than that, you should see a doctor. You should also see a doctor if the ear pain gets to be very bad.

Getting rid of the accumulated fluid is the best way to completely treat an ear infection. You can consult an ear specialist to know the appropriate medication of an ear infection. In a case that the infection is worse, the ear specialist would recommend surgery. The procedure would relieve the pressure in the ear as well as drains the fluid.

Preventing the ear infection is possible by using nasal sprays that can flush out bacteria and other pollutants. A nasal spray that has xylitol content can effectively relieve the pressure and repels bacteria. Doing this would prevent you from experiencing ear infection.